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Mission Training Center – week 2

My week has been going great so far. I finally met Brother Gunnell in the cafeteria on the 19th. I’ve been marking my scriptures a lot since entering the MTC and my scriptures look like they have hair because of all the sticky notes that are sticking out of them. I’ve memorized the First Vision and reciting it feels a lot different than reading it out of Joseph Smith History.

One of our disctrict members has to stay back for a couple weeks because he tore his muniscus in two places on his right knee and he’s getting surgery soon here on the 20th. I saw Elder Evans again today at the laundry area. I still haven’t seen Elder Giblette (or however you spell his name…)

One of my teachers, Brother Graf, is getting married tomorrow so yesterday was the last time we got to see him. We all got pictures with him as well as with our other teacher, Sister Beckstrand.

We’ve watched a few MTC talks that were given by members of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and we had a member of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy come last tuesday for the devotional. The

MTC is a great place if you can get through having to follow the rules. Personally, I don’t feel the MTC to be a bad place and it’s not all that strict if you think about it rationally. All they have that’s the most strict is the schedule. TRC is really fun and I love being able to teach the gospel to those who don’t know it that well (unless they’re actors). The days here at the MTC have started to go a lot faster than the first week and it’s only going to get faster from now on. I’m pumped to get out to St. George by flight (that’s right, we’re flying out there. I think it’s a bad idea and that we should just drive the four hours) and start serving my mission and those around me! The Provo Temple is beautiful and I’m excited to get to go again today. I’ve been taking pictures so don’t worry about
that. I met an anime nerd last Thursday! He’s watched the same anime I have and also recommended a few that he thinks I’ll like. He doesn’t consider himself an Otaku cause it’s only anime he’s interested in, but I still think that’s cool. I also met a Sister Billings this week. We’re not related directly, but we may be related farther down our lines. I thought that was kinda neat.

Well, Time to get ready to walk to the temple. Through hard work, suffering, and relying on the Holy Spirit, all things are possible and I know He will make things right.

~Elder Billings~


One comment on “Mission Training Center – week 2

  1. Kirk, I love your blog! So interesting. I hope you can keep doing it. Yes, take lots of pictures. St. George is a beautiful place. It is very windy here today. Tipped over several chairs on the deck. The flag is a tear in it and it is the new one for this year. Sam was out last weekend and helped me clean up some of the gardens. More to do but it is a good start.

    Love you,
    Grandma Kay

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