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Week 2 in the Field

This week has been great. I’ve been able to teach a few lessons to investigators that Elder Ware already knew and together we picked two new investigators and a possible third. I have already had doors slammed in my face in the field. You wouldn’t think that would happen since I’m in Utah, but it does happen.

I’ve learned so much about the gospel and teaching on my mission so far, that I know I’ll be able to use that knowledge after my mission to help those around me strengthen their testimonies and help others gain a testimony.  I know already that I’m going to be going out with the missionaries when I get back from my mission, but that’s 23 months away! My mission has flown by so far and I’m told it only gets faster and faster from here on out, so I’m scared it’s going to go too fast.

It’s nice knowing that I don’t have to purchase my own dinner since we have 8 different wards that sign up to feed us, so our calendar is always full.  Our lunches are usually paid for by members who are already at the restaurant we’re at. I haven’t had to use my money for anything besides milk and cereal… Even our haircuts are free down here.

Whenever we’re walking, a member usually pulls over and offers to give us a ride to our next appointment, we usually take the offer, but sometimes we’re not too far from our destination.

Everyone’s surprised I don’t have a Mini-so-ta accent. Easter was really good. We attend three wards every Sunday (one at 9 AM, one at 11 AM, and one at 1 PM). The St. George Temple is beautiful on the outside. I haven’t been inside yet, but I hope to be able to go in soon before I leave the area.

Remember that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has risen and lives again. I know that my Redeemer lives and conquered death so that we may live again.

~Elder Billings~


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