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Week 3 in the Field

It’s been a really good experience being out in the field, teaching people what I know to be true. We picked up quite a few potential investigators this last week from out of nowhere. We had someone schedule a lesson in a park near the temple, but he didn’t show up. Instead, we met two nonmembers and were able to teach them a little about what we believe. We have one investigator that is afraid of water but he’s really close to getting baptized.

It can get pretty annoying and tedious to have people reject us at doors or dodge us for lessons, but it brings about more people for us to teach. For every person that dodges us, there are always at least two in the area we can talk to.

The active members aren’t a huge help out here for referrals, since they only hang out with other active members. Most of our referrals come from less-active members or nonmembers who don’t want us to come back, so they send us to a friend or someone they know that isn’t LDS.

The one thing that really bugs me is the fact that since we’re missionaries, the members think we NEED to eat an amount to where we won’t be able to walk. They keep pushing for us to eat more and they seem to have this idea that we have a bottom-less stomach. I know they love us and don’t want us to be hungry, but I don’t like it when they keep pushing food on us. The restaurants also give us more food than I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to give us.

This new program they came out with, the 12-week program, is very helpful in helping me become a good missionary. I’ve received two ties and I traded once so far. Elder Ware and I work very closely with the Spanish Elders. We usually eat lunch together and we hang out together on our P-Days.

I’ve met two crazy people so far on my mission… One is a crazy voodoo person and the other is a Romanian that uses a plastic, “crystal” ball on a string to talk to his angel. I didn’t think I would meet people as crazy as these two down here in St. George. We’re not teaching them, because they wouldn’t listen to us at all, they were trying to “teach” us.

Well, I know what I’m doing is what our Father in Heaven wants me to do. I know He called me to serve as a missionary in the Utah St. George Mission for a purpose, and that purpose, I don’t know. All I know is my faith in the things that I teach.

~Elder Billings~

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