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April 23rd Update

This week has been fun. Last Monday we went up to Dixie Rock and I got over 30 pictures from there. Today, we went to Zion National Park and I have so many more pictures. My camera card is almost full so hopefully you’ll be seeing these pictures within the next month.

 The work is slowly picking up. We’ve gained a few new investigators and we’re teaching almost 20 lessons a week (hopefully that will grow to be more). Some of those lessons are door approach lessons, but most are scheduled lessons. We haven’t been having very many doors slammed in our face so that’s a good thing.  Our fellowshipping (members coming out with us) hasn’t been very good lately, but we’re going to start getting that up to par as well. We should be having a baptism this next month.

I’m learning a lot and this month has flown by.  I’ve been out for 1.5 months already!  It only seemed like yesterday that I was getting on the plane to leave to Provo. 

Well, I can’t think of anything else, so I bid you adieu.

 ~Elder Billings~


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