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1st Transfer Complete

Wow! It’s already been one transfer! 6 weeks! This transfer has flown by. I’m still having a great time and I love being in a walking area, even after we found our bikes.  I’m looking forward to this transfer, I think it’s going to be a really good one.  We are hopefully going to be seeing a couple baptisms this month so I’m excited for that.

I never would’ve guessed that being a missionary in Utah, I would be honked at by a lot of people. It never crossed my mind until a couple of weeks ago, that about 60% of those people who honked at us and wave were high school/college girls… Apparently we’re the most popular people on the street.

My last few emails weren’t too descriptive and that’s because I didn’t really have anything to talk about, but now I can talk about how this last week has gone. The Ironman went on this last Saturday and it lasted from 7 AM to 12:30 AM the next day. Four or five roads were blocked off so cars couldn’t get through (not a problem for us) and we met a lot of new people and were even cheered by the runners themselves because we were missionaries.

I made my new planner with a “Real Book of Mormon Hero” card that I bought from Deseret Book. The front of my planner is the Samuel the Lamanite card and it’s all taped up and stiff so it won’t get ruined. I got a total of 12 Book of Mormon Heroes and 12 Holy Bible Heroes and I’m going to use some of them for each of my planners. I’ll take pictures of my planners so you can see what they look like.

Hope you all stay safe and may the Lord bless your lives.

~Elder Billings~


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