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First Baptism

This week has been an OK week. We didn’t teach as many lessons this week as last week, but we also weren’t able to see half of our investigators.

We had a baptism on Friday!  His name was Fred Cooper and Elder Ware did the baptism. He had to say the prayer four times and we had to get another person in the water to help him get baptized.  The service was over an hour long because it took so much time to get him baptized.  We have three to four baptisms scheduled in June, so that’ll be exciting.

We found a lot of free stuff on the side of the road this week too… A car seat, a baseball, and two soccer balls. The lizards are really cool here and the spiders look a lot different from the spiders in Minnesota.

Speaking of MN, when people try to do a Minnesotan accent, I’ve noticed that they tend to sound more Canadian than Minnesotan.  I have a vlog (Video Log) that I created on Saturday, but it’s too big to email, so you’ll have to wait until I send my SD card home .

Thank you all so much. I know you’re rooting for me and I know that what I’m doing is what I was called to do. I love you all and have a great week! For all you members out there, Keep it real and preach with zeal!

~Elder Billings~

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