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10th week in the Field – 2nd baptism :-)

We had our second baptism this last Saturday.  He was a nine year old boy who came out of nowhere! He was totally ready to be baptized and he is a very smart kid. He read the entire Book of Mormon Stories in about two weeks, so basically he read the entire Book of Mormon in two weeks! Elder Ware baptized him and I confirmed him yesterday during sacrament meeting. We have another baptism this upcoming Saturday of a ten year old boy in the same ward as the boy who was just baptized.

I have often asked myself “Why am I here” and I always come to the same conclusion when I play it out in my head, “I have been called of God to serve Him and to help bring His children unto salvation.” I have seen how just being a good example of my beliefs can change lives, now I can explain to others why that change has taken place. I know that I am here in St. George, Utah to find those who have been prepared by the Lord to receive the fullness of His gospel and to change their lives towards Him.

I know that my redeemer lives and I know that through Him, we can all be saved.

 ~Elder Billings~


One comment on “10th week in the Field – 2nd baptism :-)

  1. Stacy fixed my computer so I can get your blogs. I was getting them from Rich and Stacy because they weren’t coming through on my laptop. Of course it was probably something that I did when I tried to set it up:)

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