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Week 11 – Another Baptism and a Bike Accident

This transfer is almost over and I don’t know what’s going to happen. I might leave or I might stay. I might get a new companion, and I might not. It’s all up to the Lord to decide where we go.

This was a great week. We had another baptism this last Saturday of a 10 year old boy. His whole family was being worked on for 15 years! The mother was baptized 2 years ago, her son was baptized a little bit after that I believe, and her next son was baptized last Saturday.  This has truly been a testimony growing experience for me. 

We have a baptism planned for every Saturday this month! This is crazy! All this is happening because two missionaries reactivated one person. Although they probably didn’t get to baptize anyone before they transferred out of the area, the efforts of those two missionaries and the reactivation of that one man has brought about the great purpose for me being on a mission. Now I’m doing the same thing that those two missionaries were doing, over 10 years ago. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing as many people as will listen to the truth and bringing them closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I also wiped out on my bike yesterday. Don’t worry! I’m all right. I just got a few scratches on my left hip and right knee. I was truly protected as I wiped out. The only problem is that the front rim for the bike is totally bent and broken beyond repair. I’ll have to get a new rim and inner tube for the bike in the near future.

I’ve been writing down a lot of good quotes and things that I hear as I go through my mission and I’ll start putting them on here for everyone to read. I’ll put one a week so get ready for some great quotes sayings.  

~Elder Billings~
Concerning the Great Apostasy after Jesus Christ and his Apostles died, one girl said, “God didn’t abandon us, we abandoned God.”

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