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2nd Transfer – Week 12

This transfer is now over!!! Now to start my third transfer! I got my call yesterday and I’m staying in the area with a new elder. His name is Elder Dyer and he’s been out longer than I have. I’m super excited to be out of the 12 week program and can enjoy a fruitful one hour of companion study verses the two hours I’ve been stuck with for the past 12 weeks.

I’ve received some inquiry of how I managed to damage my bike beyond repair. I was riding my bike and I decided to take a turn to fast and I hit a stone pillar… I then proceeded to fly to the right (I have no idea how I was projected to the right) and I slid across the ground for a good 5 feet. I had a helmet on and I only got two small scrapes, nothing big. My front tire on the other hand, didn’t look so good. The tire, if you look at it head on, is supposed to look like an “I”. After I hit the pillar, the tire looked like an “L”. I went to the bike repair shop and the repairman asked if I got hit by a car. I then looked at my sleeves and almost said, “Yes, yes I did.” I didn’t, instead I said I hit a pillar and he laughed. To be honest, so did I.
I am loving my mission and I can’t wait to get more into it and experience it when I’ve been kneaded in a little bit more. Hope everyone is safe, you’re in all my prayers, stay true to yourself and to God, love you all.
“It wasn’t the nails that held Him to the cross, but His love for you and me.”
~Elder Billings~

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