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Week 15

We found 2 new investigators this week! Hooray! I love being a missionary! This has been a good week for my companion and I. We have been searching hard and long to find those prepared for us to teach and these new investigators have great fellowshippers so we should be just fine when teaching these investigators. We should be having another baptism in the up coming weeks so I’m excited for that. Not much of anything else has been going on except for us working hard and sweating in order to preach the gospel and bring souls closer to Christ.

 Don’t be discouraged when you have troubles in your life, for we go through trials because it helps us become stronger. God lets us suffer so that we may humble ourselves and call upon him to give us the strength we need to press forward. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Like a plant, tree, or even an idea, we must be “cut” down and “pruned” before we can “grow” and “blossom” into the human being we’re meant to be.
Love you all


>Elder Billings<


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