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Week 16 & 17

Sorry I missed writing last week. We went to Zion National Park and the Family History Center closed at 5 and we didn’t have enough time to email everyone else. I had a great time at Zions and there’s plans to go back next week as well before the transfer ends. We’ve found many new investigators this week and I’m am proud to be able to help those start their way to becoming saints of God and working to make their lives better. I’ve been in this area for 4 and a half months and it’s about time for me to leave and go to a different area. We’re having a baptism this Saturday of a 9 year old boy who has a problem staying focused on somethings. He’s passed the baptism interview and he remembers the things we’ve taught him perfectly. It was just hard to know how well he understood the lessons because of his short attention span it was a testimony builder to hear that he’s been understanding the lessons perfectly and exactly how we taught him.

I haven’t been riding bikes with Elder Dyer (and no, he doesn’t have the Canadian accent) because he doesn’t like how the seat feels on his bike, so we’ve been walking everywhere. He’s also gotten me into playing with a yo-yo and I kinda want to get my own if I can find one at a store. He has a Duncan free-hand yo-yo. A free-hand yo-yo simply means that instead of putting the loop on your hand, it’s put on a dice, or some other counter-weight so you can do more variety of tricks and even let go of the yo-yo to make it look cooler. It’s difficult to get used to, because there’s a specific way you have to hold and catch it, but it’s really fun. I’m planning on getting a looping yo-yo, which includes doing Around the Worlds, “Hops”, Loops. and other things of that sort. It’s hard to do with a free-hand yo-yo, but it can still work. I’ve included a picture of a free-hand yo-yo so you all can get a visual of how it looks and I’ll see if I can include a video of my companion using it.
These past few weeks have been great and I know that I’ve been growing not only has a missionary, but as a friend as well and I know that whatever I do, I know that the Lord will back me up and raise me higher when I fall.


>Elder Billings<


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