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Week 5 of my 4th transfer

This week was a good week. We found another new investigator and we also put someone on date. Our baptism last Friday fell through and we can’t baptize him until his father gets back from Washington in one to two weeks. We’ll be having a baptism this Saturday for a 17 year old boy and I’m super excited […]

Week 3 of My 4th Transfer – Minersville

This week was a good week. the Beaver County Fair was going on and they had a rodeo and a demolition derby that was happening on Friday and Saturday. It was a great experience and we met a lot of new people that we’ve never seen before who live in our area. We also got […]

Week 2 in Minersville!

This has been a hard area to work in, since the nonmembers have been in this area for so long, they’ve already made up their mind on whether they’re going to talk to missionaries or not. We’ve been trying our best and we know that our efforts won’t be wasted and that we will be […]

I’ve lost track of what week I’m on XD

I’m in Minersville Bilingual area with Elder Bourgeois (Booge-wah) and he’s a spanish speaking missionary. That means we teach not only people who speak english, but also those that speak spanish. He’s a great Elder and I’m looking forward to serving with him. He’s been out 9 months and he’s from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We cover […]