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Transfer Time!

I got a new transfer call! I’m going to Salina, Utah. I tell you more about my companion next week, but first of all, we had a baptism on Saturday for a 9 year old boy who has been taught for over 2 months. I was glad to be a part of teaching him, he’s a good kid and I can see him growing to become a leader of some kind.

I’m not sure I’ve ever read the scriptures as intently as I have while I’ve been out (which is a little over 6 months now ;D) and I’ve seen the difference it makes to study the scriptures and to apply what you learn to yourself as well as how you can help others understand the message we have to share. I would exhort all of you to read and to ponder and to pray to learn for yourself the truthfulness of not only the Book of Mormon, but also the Holy Bible, which when used together, helps us know what we need to do to live with our Father in Heaven again.
“Never give up. Once you do, you lose the true battle. The one that takes a lifetime to fight.” -Guy Seikatsu to Chris Makanikku (Omega’s Game)[My Story]


>Elder Billings<


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