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One more week until transfers again!

This transfer has gone by fast! It’s already been 5 weeks and I can’t believe it! This last Saturday, we had 2 baptisms! One of them was a ten year old boy and the other was a nine year old girl. Both of them came from less active families who want to become active again and they’re working on becoming active. We haven’t been able to meet with a few of our investigators this week, but we were able to set up appointments with them for this upcoming week.
We run into a lot of members while we’re out tracting (yes, we tract in Utah, believe it or not) and as a matter of fact, Elder Gillon and I taught a lesson to a couple of Hispanics from Salt Lake City, originally from Mexico, in Richfield at a McDonald’s, and they knew English. It was a weird experience, but there were a couple of members there who wanted us to teach them, they were friends through work, but still, it was fun to teach a lesson over some lunch.
“I will never give up! I will walk these lands establishing peace to all who will hear my voice.”
-Rai Kagami (Omega’s Game: mirror Memories)[My Story]

>Elder Billings<


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