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We had three baptisms this week! WOW! :O It was great! I loved it! I was able to baptize and confirm one of them. In the picture, I baptized the boy on the left, Elder Lazarus baptized the one on the right. Don’t I look great in all white?   We had a great week. On Friday, […]

It SNOWED in Salina UT!

  IT SNOWED!!! It finally snowed here in Salina and I’m happy. I’ve never been so excited to see snow before, because with snow comes the cold, and I don’t like the cold. That doesn’t matter now that I’m out here, because it’s not as cold here as it gets in Minnesota.With that out of […]

Week 2 of My Second Week in Salina

  This has been a great week! We put a lot of people on date to be baptized and they are all excited for that day. We found a new person to teach and we have the potential to find 8 more people to teach! (WOW!)   I know right? That’s amazing! First of all, […]