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I Cover Two Stakes!

Hello all from the Panguitch and Escalante stakes! That’s right, I cover 2 stakes now. It takes over 3 hours to drive from one side of my area to the next. What’s the best part is that I’m driving! I ‘m driving a Red 2011 Toyota Corolla and it’s great. It has “hydraulics” and I love it! (you put the emergency brake on, put it in drive and it lowers down, put it in neutral and it goes up. repeat for “hydraulics”)

This area is a slow-moving area, because we cover a giant area and we don’t have a lot of miles per month to drive (1700 miles per month… and we have the most in the mission). We stay at members houses in various towns we go to, but we have our own apartment here in Panguitch. The members are really nice and it’s a beautiful area. We could go to Bryce Canyon National Park if we wanted and we have a few state parks in our area as well.

My companion is Elder Sanderson from North Carolina and he’s a great piano player. I’ve already spoken in 2 wards here and he played a special musical number both times. We’re going to have 2 baptisms this week and hopefully 4 total in the month of December. We also have 4 people who are going to be baptized in the month of January as well. Although the work is slow, the workers are persistent and will do all we can to help all of our brothers and sisters to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m in the same district I was in when I was serving in Minersville. I go to Beaver for District meetings again. It feels weird to be back in my old area when we went to District meeting last Thursday.

I was also on a mountain top while traveling to one of the towns in our area. It wasn’t that cold up there, but it was a great sight to behold.

I’m told that Panguitch is the coldest place in Southern Utah… So far I’m not seeing it… People tell me to wait until it gets cold and I know that it’s colder in MN already. I’m only wearing my suit coat and my companion has put his winter coat on. That’s alright, I’m used to the cold, but I still give my companion stuff about it

Hope you all have a great week!

{>Elder Billings<}


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