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Another week, still being a Missionary

I’m still having a blast being a missionary!

 I was able to call home on Christmas Day and I loved talking to my Dad & Stacy, my mom, and my brother. We had a great talk and it was nice to hear them. I’m content for now until Mother’s Day of next year.
On to the rest of the week.
On Christmas Day, my companion and I spent it at a member’s house and we played games and watched 17 Miracles (great movie. I recommend it) It was a story about the Willie/Martin Handcart companies that crossed the plains to Utah and the miracles they encountered as they crossed the plains. All of the movie is true and it’s amazing what they had to go through and it increased my testimony of this gospel and the love that out Father in Heaven has for us.
This week has been good. We went on exchanges with our Zone Leaders and it was a great time. They’re trying to get me and an old companion of mine back together so we can do great work in another area of the mission. We didn’t find any new people to teach, but we did get a door slammed in our face on Sunday. It was the first time for my companion and about the 3rd or 4th time for me. It’s sad to see that people don’t even give the gospel a try. that’s all we ask as missionaries, to give it a shot and to see the blessings for yourself.
Other than that, it’s been good here in the Panguitch and Escalante Stakes. We’re meeting a lot of great people and we’re finding some potentials that will most likely be committed to baptism after we meet with them a little more.
I’ve gotten a lot of candy and I don’t think I’ll be able to eat it all while I stay in this area. Thank you all for the support, love, candy, and letters and encouragement you’ve given me. I love you all and I wish for you all to have a wonderful New Year!


{>Elder Billings<}


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