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Things are starting to pick up . . .

 My companion and I are working out the difficulties and everything should start to pick up from now on. The area is starting to pick up and we found 2 new investigators this past week and we put them on date for baptism! One is a 14 year old girl that’s really excited to be baptized, […]

Some Unfortunate News . . .

Well… I’m not training anymore… My trainee was a trial missionary and his issues as to why he was on a trial mission were too much for him to bear. I’m a little disappointed that I’m not able to train and due to this problem, I wasn’t in my area for pretty much four days, […]

I’m Training!

I’m going to be a dad!!! 😀 Wait now, let me explain. In the mission there’s some lingo that we use for a lot of things. When a missionary trains, the trainee is known as their child. When a missionary goes home, it’s said that he “died”. So when I say “I’m a dad”, I’m saying […]

Almost done with another Transfer

This week has been good. On Thursday, I was exchanges with our District Leader and we did some good work in our area. We found a few potential investigators and taught some great lessons to our current investigators. We found a new investigator this week as well. She is 13 and her mom is an […]