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Things are starting to pick up . . .

 My companion and I are working out the difficulties and everything should start to pick up from now on. The area is starting to pick up and we found 2 new investigators this past week and we put them on date for baptism! One is a 14 year old girl that’s really excited to be baptized, she went to church by herself. Her parents are less-active, but we will help out with that. The other person is the girl’s brother, a 12 year old boy. their 8 year old brother is also on date for the same day in February, but he won’t count as a convert baptism, which is what missionaries are called to teach, those above the age of 8. Although we don’t have to help with those 8 or younger, it’s still nice to see families grow closer together, no matter how old the kids are or whether they’re baptized or not.

 We had Zone Conference on Wednesday and it was great. I got to see some of the missionaries that I’ve served with and a couple from my MTC District. I love seeing my old companions. It gives my soul some upliftment to see that they’re still strong in the faith and that they’re still being successful. We also learned that there will be 33 missionaries coming in February. WOW! That’s a lot of missionaries! only 3 of them are sisters, and at least 3 of them are 18 year old young men.
We’re starting to work with less-actives and reactivation in our wards in our stakes. We’re going to get the number of people that attended Sacrament Meeting each week and start to increase those numbers so the church can grow and become the church that God wants it to become.
“Don’t think, just fight.” -Cloud Strife (Dissidia Final Fantasy

{>Elder Billings<}

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