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The Weirdest Two Weeks of My Mission

So these last two weeks have been really strange. My companion, Elder Ekstrom, had to go home on another medical release, so I was down in St. George from February 13 to February 21. There wasn’t enough missionaries for me to have a companion, so I stayed with the Zone Leaders in a different zone than me. I received my transfer call while I was down there too. I’m training again! His name is Elder King and he’s from Nampa, Idaho. He was in the MTC for only two weeks! Hopefully I’ll be able to train him to be a great missionary. Training a missionary is A LOT harder than teaching people. I know how to teach and what to teach, but training a new missionary is a new experience for me and I don’t know how to do it. We get this booklet that’s supposed to help us, but I don’t remember how my trainer used it and I don’t know how I am supposed to use it. I don’t know if I’m fit to be a trainer. The responsibility of being a trainer is a lot more than I thought it was and I don’t know if I can handle the responsibility.

 I’m still in Panguitch and we had a baptism this last weekend! We also put three people on date for the end of March! There’s a lot of work to be done here in the Panguitch area and we’re just breaking the surface of it. I’m so tired it’s not even funny. I’ve been stressing out ever since I got to Panguitch. It’s been my hardest area, but also one of the most rewarding areas I’ve been in. We are hopefully going to have a baptism this upcoming weekend as well and then hopefully on in the next two weekends, then one at the end of March. “The field is white, already to harvest.” This saying is true for this area and all of the areas in this mission. I feel like I’m doing a good work and I hope and pray that I can do some more.
Kirk - P Baptism 4
“Hey, Rai?”
“You know how they say, ‘only the strong will survive’?”
“Such is the case in this twisted world.”
“Everyone says I’m strong. I don’t feel strong.”
“You are strong Seqina.”
“Then, why don’t I feel that way?”
“I’ve been wondering that myself. It seems as though there’s this force out there that wants us to feel the opposite of what we truly are. Almost as if it wants us to give up on our dreams. We have to keep in mind that we can become what we think we can become. We need to realize that we are all strong and that no amount of opposition can take that away. There is always happiness at the end of the road. In other words, there is always a rainbow at the end of every storm.”
-Seqina Xerhaph and Rai Kagami (Omega’s Game: Mirrior Memories [My Story])

>Elder Billings<


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