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Well-a-ma-nah Pues

 Some unfortunate news. I’m going to be emergency transferred from Panguitch to a new area. With the stress of training, and how depressed I feel here, President Leonard and I both agreed that it would be best for me to leave and for someone else to train Elder King. I’ve been in a little slump the past couple months, but hopefully this emergency transfer will help me get out of that slump and get me back on track to becoming the best missionary I can be. We finally found an investigator that wants to be baptized, but hasn’t been able to meet with us because of her unusual work schedule. She should have more time as she hires more employees. We also found out that one of our investigators wanted to move her date forward one week for her baptism! It’s great to see how prepared people are to enter into the covenant of baptism and to see how much happier the gospel makes them.

 We also had two service opportunities as well. One was in Marysvale with a part-member family. The husband, in the past, would use the missionaries to help move, paint, Sheetrock  etc. his new house. He had us move a couch and a rocking chair from his storage space to his new house that they’re building as an extension to their rug store. We also helped his wife start making a quilt that she was making for one of their friends. The other service opportunity was a destruction service in Panguitch. This family was destroying the basement of their house so that they can renovate it and make it nicer. It took us a total of 3 hours to do, and they said it would have taken them all day if it weren’t for us. We’re going to see them tonight and have dinner and a Family Home Evening lesson with them. I love giving service, and I wish we were able to give it more often. It seems that here in Utah, the members think we shouldn’t give service for whatever reason. Utah has a lot of weird things like that, but it’s nice to see that the members care about how we use our time and also about our well-being.
On a side note, my one year mark is on the 7th of March! This Thursday, it’ll have been a year since I’ve left on my mission! It goes by too fast!
“I’ve been away from home now, going on a year.
There’s so much that I miss, but so much that I love here and that’s when I begin to start to understand.
So with a smile on my face, and a praying in my heart. My whole world behind me, my life’s about to start.
I can’t count all the blessing that are waiting in the end.
So I’ll forget myself, and give it all to Him.”
-Give It All to Him by Tel Dyer on the 2012 Especially for Youth CD “Arise and Shine Forth”


{>Elder Billings<}


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