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Counting Down!

 My companion is counting down now until the day he leaves. It’s been a great transfer with him and it was the remedy to help me get back on my feet. We had some interesting experiences this past week too.

The first one was we stopped by the house of these members that give us free soda in their store and we were greeted by two dogs and a goat. They also have ten peacocks, at least one normal color, about four or five that are completely white, some turkeys, chickens, cats, and fish. We were afraid that the goat would jump on our car and cause some scratches or dents, but he didn’t.

Secondly, on Tuesday, we were on exchanges with our District Leader. His trainee was with me and when we knocked on the door to some kids that I helped baptize, the mom asked if we could give someone a blessing. It was a strange occurrence and I jumped on the opportunity. Elder Dawson (who I was with) seemed to be a little hesitant, probably because it was out of the blue.

I had a Spanish door contact a while back too. The person didn’t know any English, so I ha to rely on the Spanish I could remember to ask him where someone else lived. The man was a member and was very nice. He didn’t know where the person we were looking for lived, but it was a little nerve-racking for me since my Spanish isn’t that great.

“Sometimes what you think is unimportant is the most important thing. Life is like that.” –Slave Trader (Illusion of Gaia)

{>Elder Billings<}


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