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New Transfer!

 Well, my companion, Elder Schmidt, is gone now to go down to St. George for his exit interview and he flies home on Wednesday. We had a great week full of exciting things. We went to the Redmond mine and got a small tour of the inside of the mine. We also watched people shoot sticks of dynamite and watch them blow up. It was exciting and very fun to watch. We can’t shoot guns, so that was a little disappointing to see but not actively take part of. Elder Schmidt gave me his Settlers of Catan and Monopoly Deal games, so I have something to play with my new companions if we get bored on our off-times.

 I’m staying in Salina. My new companion will be Elder Lee. I don’t know anything else about him, except he was trained by one of my first Zone Leaders. Elder Schmidt and I gave the training in our District Training Meeting. It went very well. It was on the role of the Book of Mormon. It’s great to hear the replies and insights from the other missionaries. It helps a lot with my teaching and my studies.
“You can’t have power, if you don’t have hope.” -Leon Ryuuichi (Omega’s Game: mirror Memories [My Story])

{>Elder Billings<}

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