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I’m Outta Here!

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m getting transferred to Mt. Pleasant! One of my old companions, Elder Lazarus, is in the other Mt. Pleasant area, so I’ll be really close to him.

This week has been a good week. We found three new investigators and two of them want to be baptized already! The other one has been seen by missionaries off and on for a while now and we’re gonna work slowly with him and help him understand everything by the Spirit.

So while I was talking with my dad and step-mom on Mother’s Day, they asked me what all the cities/towns I’ve served in over the past 14 months:

  • St. George East Stake- St. George
  • Minersville Stake- Milford, Minersville, Beaver
  • Salina Stake- Salina, Redmond, Aurora
  • Panuitch & Escalante Stakes- Panguitch, Hatch, Circleville, Junction, Kingston, Marysvale, Angle, Antimony / Escalante, Topic, Cannonville, Henrysville, Boulder

Those are the small towns I’ve served in. There are a lot there and most of them are below the population of 2500 people. That’s all I have currently, but I was glad to talk with my family on Mother’s Day and I hope they had fun too.

“What’s important isn’t how much we see each other, but how often we think of each other.” -Hayner (Kingdom Hearts II)

— {>Elder Billings<}


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