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Another Week in Fairview

We had a good week this past week.We currently have 100% of our investigators on date for baptism and we have found potential for a lot more new investigators! We’ve been taking two young men out with us who have their mission calls and are excited to go. One leaves this Wednesday and the other just got his call last week. These two young men are powerful and will be great missionaries.
We had a funny occurrence happen a couple of days ago. We were tacting at this house that we knew the owner wasn’t a member and he was trying to Bible bash with us (Bible bashing is where we try to disprove the other person’s religion using the Bible). We didn’t bash at all. My companion and I just shared our testimonies and how he could receive a testimony himself. The funny part was that he was drunk! My companion asked him if the beer he had been drinking was his first one and he got super defensive about the subject. After about 30-45 minutes, we were finally able to get out of there and continue our work.  I don’t think stuff like that doesn’t happen in the mission field too often, but it was a nice change of circumstances.
“But to risk nothing, means to gain nothing.” -Yang (Final Fantasy IV)

{>Elder Billings<}

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