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We had a baptism this last Saturday! It was another 9 year old girl named Carly. People have tried to get in to teach her for quite a while now. Her parents were less-active and nobody could get them to open the door. Last transfer when I was with Elder Workman, we were able to get in the door to start teaching them! No one knows how we were able to get in the door and they were very excited to hear that she was getting baptized. Her dad works the night shift at the coal mine so it was super hard to meet with them on a regular basis. Despite the hardships, we were able to teach her everything and she is one of the newest members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We have one more week in this transfer and I’m excited to hear what’s going to happen to me next week. Last week we went to the rodeo here in Fairview and the demolition derby. It was a fun time. The rodeo wasn’t that great, but the derby was great! One car flipped over and i got a video where they are flipping it back over. It was fun to see the destruction of cars that people took multiple weeks to work on. They get smashed up and stop working in about 20 minutes.

Kirk - Car Derby 2 Kirk - Car Derby 1

One of our potential investigators, Greg, has been reading the Book of Mormon. He came from Texas and lives in Fairview and he’s never really heard about the LDS church before. We gave him a Book of Mormon about 5 weeks ago and we found out last week that he’s been reading it. Looking forward to meeting with him and start teaching him about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My letters are very short, but that’s because it’s hard to find and there’s not a whole lot of exciting things that happen. It is fun though.

“Where there is destruction, nature will step in and revive what’s been lost. All things will come back. Don’t worry, all is well.” Rai Kagami to Art Ookami (Omega’s Game: Mirror Memories[My Story])

{>Elder Billings<}


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