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Bonus Picture!

We received the nicest text from a family in the area Kirk is serving. ¬†They wanted us to know that they (Kirk and his Companion) are doing well and working hard, and that they send their love. ¬†They also sent a picture! Nothing better than knowing he is happy and being well taken care of […]

It’s not all hard work :-)

We had a good week this past week. We found a new investigator and she is already on date for baptism! We found her on Sunday and she really wants to be baptized! We will be having a baptism this Saturday for the lady I talked about in my last letter. The one who moved […]

New Transfer!

I am in Parowan now and my companion, Elder Jackson, is from West Lafayette, Indiana. He’s been out for 4 transfers now and it’s been really good so far. We have a ton of potential investigators that we hope to find this week and next week. We’re having a baptism this month and a couple […]

New Transfer!

This transfer is up and a new one has started. I got my call last night and I am going to the Parowan area with an Elder Jackson. I don’t know anything yet about him, but I hear he’s a good elder. I am excited for this chance to serve in a new area with […]