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New Transfer!

This transfer is up and a new one has started. I got my call last night and I am going to the Parowan area with an Elder Jackson. I don’t know anything yet about him, but I hear he’s a good elder. I am excited for this chance to serve in a new area with a new companion and with new people to talk to.

This last week was great. We found two new investigators and put them on date for baptism! They had some friends over and they were playing Skate 3 on the Xbox. We talked with them a little bit. they put in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and started playing that. We taught them a lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited them to be baptized, while they were still playing the video game. They understood the lesson and they accepted the invitation to be baptized. While playing, their friends bore their testimony about baptism and what it does for us. It was a rather interesting lesson and baptismal invitation, but despite the weirdness of it, they understood and are prepared to make this commitment to their Father in Heaven.

“People look at me and think my fighting style is easy.Twin swords are much harder than dual-wielding. When you have the desire and the faith to overcome difficult things. You will then appreciate how the hard things improve you personally. Then, and only then, will you fly to greater possibilities.” -Brad Hikari to Chris Mekkaniku (Omega’s Game: Demon’s Time [My Story])

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