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The New Transfer . . .

My current companion, Elder Jackson, is getting transferred to Milford! I am staying in Parowan and I will be getting Elder Jezek from Iowa! I know Elder Jezek a little bit. He was trained in Salina by Elder Lazarus right after I left. I love Elder Jezek and I know this will be a great transfer!

We found a young man named Layne this past week. He is living with his grandparents here in Parowan, but his parents live in Arizona, so we’re going to have to obtain their permission before we can baptize him. Layne wants to be baptized and he loves coming to church and going to young mens and scouts. He has been prepared by the Lord and I know that with prayer and fasting, the Lord will help us to bring him closer to his desire to be baptized.

We had a baptism on the 11th too! Her name is Joyce and she has had two grandsons go on missions and she was only interested at first because of her grandsons. After learning about the gospel, she came to love it and made the decision to be baptized. She was baptized by one of her grandsons and she’ll be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and receive the Holy Ghost this upcoming Sunday. We were excited and happy to be a part of her conversion and her other grandson will come home in about a year, which is perfect, then he can go through the temple with her.

We have a recent convert who will be receiving his temple recommend in the upcoming weeks to go to the temple to be sealed with his children for time and all eternity. We are very excited for him. He has had some trials in the past and he is still strong in the gospel and he knows where he wants to go. We will be going to the temple with him when he finally sets a date to go and we will get to see the sealing power that has been restored used in a great ordinance.

Elder Jackson and I also had the opportunity to help on of our fellow missionaries stay out on a mission. He was going through some hard times, thinking he’s done his part and that he’s not helping anyone anymore. I relayed to him some of my experiences and that helped calm him down a bit. We spent the rest of yesterday with him to help him in case anything came up. He has been sick with walking pneumonia and he’s been having a bad week. He is staying out and he is going to love this next transfer he told us!

“Don’t give up Val! Don’t throw away your life! Remember who you are! Remember the light! Remember the Crusader! Throw away the darkness! Embrace the light!” -Jem Kadetchy to Valkyrion Seikatsu (Omega’s Game: Time’s Downfall [My Story])

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