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Another New Transfer!

This is the start of a new transfer! I’m staying here in Parowan with my current companion, Elder Jezek, so it’s nothing too special.

We had a baptism this past Saturday! It was the baptism of Layne. We’ve been working with him for six weeks now and it was great to see him get dunked. Elder Jezek baptized him and I confirmed him the next day in sacrament meeting. It was really fun to work with him and to see his life change for the better. He’s a fun kid and his grandparents are super funny too.


We have the family we found a couple weeks ago that we are still trying to work with. They’ve been out of town for the last times we’ve had lessons planned, but they are still excited and willing to meet with us.

Last Thursday, we carved pumpkins in our District Training Meeting after our training. Elder Jezek and I had the best pumpkins there (only because we had a pumpkin carving set that we bought for just such and occasion). Everyone else was impressed with our pumpkins and it was fun. This Thursday, we have to be inside our apartment at 6 pm for Halloween.

“Forced understanding will not last. Change comes only when they see the problem themselves.” Artea (Lufia 2)

{>Elder Billings<}


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