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Last Transfer!

Well… Here it is. My last transfer in the mission field. Elder Baros and I are staying here in Nephi where we’ll finish our missions. We will “kill” each other as we say in missionary lingo. We had a lot of miracles this past week and it seems our last transfer will be a great one!

First off; I don’t think I told you all yet, but we live under a vet clinic. One of our bishops is the vet and we get to help him a lot with animals. Last night, he had to do surgery on a dog. The dog had gotten caught in a trap of some kind and his toe had to be cut off. The wound looked pretty messed up, but within 30 minutes, Bishop Meyers, that’s his name, had the wound sewed up and ready to go. It’s very interesting to see how a vet actually operates on animals.

We had a baptism last Saturday of Gavin! We found him my 2nd week in Nephi and he was fun to teach. His mom is a returning member of the church and his brothers are funny as well. Another of our investigators, Bill, is getting baptized this upcoming weekend. Elder Baros has been working with him ever since he got to Nephi and now he’s finally committed to be baptized.

We found 4 new investigators this past week after not finding many for the past 5 weeks. The Lord blesses us when we endure our trials and keep working. Our first person is named Ted and he’s been going to church for about 5 weeks now. Our Bishop in his ward, also our landlord, told us that he thinks Ted is ready for the gospel. Ted has been to many churches and sees that he feels there’s more in our church than the ones he’s gone to in the past. He believes God will give him an answer to his prayers once he’s started reading the Book of Mormon and we know he’ll get an answer too.

Our second new investigator was Mauricio. He was taught by missionaries 2 years ago, but stopped after Mauricio moved to a different house in Nephi. His uncle moved into his old home and told the missionaries that he moved out of the country and that’s the reason why the missionaries stopped going by. His wife is a member and wants to start coming back to church. Mauricio was scheduled to be baptized 2 years ago and we’re helping him get back to that point. He’s receptive and listens very well.

Next on our list of new investigators is Jade. She is 10 years old and her parents have given their consent for her to be baptized. She’s been going to church for 2 years and she wants to be baptized. Her mom is a less-active member and her dad isn’t a member of the church.

Our last new investigator we found was Jennifer. Elder Baros taught Jennifer when he first came to Nephi about 6 months ago and she wasn’t very interested then. She talked to our bishop in her ward and told him that she wanted to be baptized. We scheduled a date for her and are very excited for her.

We are very excited for the upcoming weeks as we finish up the time we have as full-time missionaries.

“Just remember; the fruit on the other side of the swamp will always taste sweeter.” -Brad Hikari to Chris Mekkaniku (Omega’s Game: Demon of Time [My Story])

{>Elder Billings<}


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