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Faith Brings Miracles!

We’ve had a great couple weeks these past weeks. The week before last, the 3rd through the 9th, we had a baptism of a woman named Jennifer. She was taught by Elder Baros and his last couple of companions and he decided to set her aside since she wasn’t progressing. After going to church some more, she went to her bishop and told him that she wanted to be baptized. The bishop told us what she told him and we went over and scheduled her baptism. She was baptized on the 8th. She said she’s seen a difference in her children after going to church and a difference in herself and her family as well. The gospel is there to help us become better people and come closer to our Savior. That is why I love it. That’s why I’m on a mission. To help others come closer to Jesus Christ, which is all our church does, is help others come closer than they already are.

We had another baptism this past Saturday of a 12 year old boy, Jaysen. He moved to Nephi about a year ago and started going to boy scouts with other kids his age. He’s enjoyed scouts and his little brother was baptized in the past and he decided he should be as well. It was a little tough to meet with him since he and his family would randomly leave for shopping or anything else. Thanks to his scout leader, we got to teaching him consistently. He’s a great kid, who has a great heart. His friends really help him with whatever he needs help with.

We only have 2 weeks before we come home. It’s a weird feeling. Afraid to change dramatically again. The transition from high school to the real world wasn’t hard compared to the transition in and out of a full-time mission. I have faith that my Father in Heaven will help me overcome all the challenges that are placed in my way. I’ve gained a firm tesimony on the mission that miracles happen because of one’s faith. In Moroni 7:37, it tells us that. I know that for a fact, for I have seen it in my missionary service. I knew the Lord would lead people to us and would let us see miracles and help us in out travels. He has done so and I am grateful for it.

There’s a man in our ward, the ward mission leader, who I have something in common with him. We share the same last name.

Kirk & Bro Billings

{>Elder Billings<}


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