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I think an Ozzy Osbourne reference fits here.

“Mama, I’m coming home…” -Ozzy Osbourne

This has been a great transfer! Elder Baros and I had 4 baptisms and we found quite a few investigators as well for the incoming missionaries.I have enjoyed this last transfer and I hope the work continues to move along here in Nephi.

This is the last time I’ll be writing for my missionary service as I go home in 2 days! I just want to say, I’m glad I left to go on a mission. It has helped me greatly in my life as well as others.

About 3 years ago, long before I left on a mission, I decided I didn’t want to serve a mission. I thought that since my dad didn’t serve a mission and he is successful in life, I didn’t need to either. I was asked to pray about a mission and see what my Heavenly Father would tell me. After fighting it for a long time, I decided to pray and ask. I received my answer and I told my family that I was going to go on a mission. I find it funny how just saying a simple prayer can change a mindset from being 100% against something to being 100% for something. I received my testimony of prayer on that night and I have stuck with it ever since.

I have become a better person from going on a mission. I have learned how to teach, how to listen, how to not be shy, how to study, and how to follow the Spirit. I have learned how to live life you could say. I know what I teach is true. I know there is a God and that He is our Father who lives in Heaven. I know His son, Jesus Christ, died for our sins and allowed us the ability to repent and be forgiven for our sins. They love us more than we can imagine. I know Jesus Christ called Joseph Smith to be a prophet and that he was able to translate an ancient record from a ancient language into English so that we may read what those of ancient times wrote.

“I [know] it, and I [know] that God [knows] it, and I [cannot] not deny it, neither [dare] I do it.” -Joseph Smith (Joesph Smith History 1:25)

Elder Billings


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